Karate Programs

Kobudo (Weapons)


Kobudo is a traditional Okinawan ancient weapons art.  Over the course of training, students will learn to use different primary weapons, all of which are derived from authentic Okinawan farming and fishing tools.  These primary weapons include the Tonfa and the  Bo (six-foot staff).  Classes generally consist of a brief warm-up, after which the class is broken up into rank groups in order to work on varying curriculum.

  • Bo
  • Tonfa
  • Nunchaku
  • Kama

Students may be able to borrow club weapons until they feel that the time is right to purchase their own.

Kids Karate


Our evening karate program is a demanding, fun, and immersive experience that takes a student from complete novice to full mastery of our technique, including options for competitive training, leadership development, and community involvement. It’s an exciting, engaging karate environment that gets kids and their parents excited about being here. Students begin with a foundational class to teach the basics and help them understand how things work at the dojo. From there, they jump into a higher level class with more advanced curriculum that rotates on a cyclical basis to keep kids focused and engaged! At higher levels, students are able to participate in sparring, weapons, and training for demonstration.

Adult Karate


The ultimate way to get and stay fit while building confidence, developing self-discipline and honing athletic skills in a high energy environment. Development of self-defense skills, and ultimately, peace of mind.

T.A.S.K. (After School Program)


The after school karate program at Kaizen Karate is the alternative to daycare that you’ve been looking for! Our comprehensive program includes pick up from school in one of our dojo buses and full karate classes each day!

Summer Karate Sports Camp


The Summer Karate Sports Camp at Kaizen Karate is a high-energy camp meant to engage, challenge, and excite kids throughout the summer!

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Karate Class Schedule

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